Q: Where did you learn to play?
A: I am self-taught. “Teach Yourself How to Play the Folk Harp” by Sylvia Woods www.harpcenter.com

Q: What kind of harp do you play?
A: I have two harps. They are both non-pedal harps and may be called folk harps, lever harps, Irish or Celtic harps.

Q: What kind of music can you play on the harp?
A: Celtic, Country, Children's tunes, Classical, Ethnic, Hymns, Spirituals, Musicals, Oldies, Movie tunes, Opera, Lullabies, Patriotic and Popular tunes

Q: Is the small harp heavy?
A: It is only 10 pounds.

Q: Is it difficult to learn to play?
A: No, the red strings are the C notes; the blue strings are the F notes. They serve as reference points. It helps to be able to read music, but one does not have to in order to make beautiful music.

Q: Where did you learn about Harp Therapy?
A: I attended a workshop in 1997 and the presenter, Christina (Tina) Tourin, harpist/teacher informed us about the program she directs to bring calm and peace to people. It is called the International Harp Therapy Program. www.harprealm.com

Q: Do you have calluses on your fingers?
A; No, the strings are made of nylon and are soft.

Q: Do you get paid for your work?
A: Yes

Q: Where do you work?
A;I work at 2 nursing homes and volunteer for Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc.